Since our inception, K999.Direct has held a vision of quality animal first aid education, based on the most up to date scientific research, delivered in a student centred way, from both a practical and knowledge basis.

K999.direct is the brainchild of Jacqui Molyneux, Fellow of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and Mechelle Jacques BSc PGCE PGCert. They have amalgamated their individual skills to produce the UK's first Animal First Aid Course which is written and delivered by a veterinarian surgeon, who is backed by a highly skilled education specialist, who is also qualified in Clinical Animal Behaviour. 

This is no one day course, not a show and tell session but an integrated on line course and a practical education day with assessments. 

Jacqui Molyneux

‚ÄčJacqui Molyneux has been a practising vet for more than 35 years, running, until recently, a Small Animal Veterinary Hospital in the NE of England. She has a further qualification in Small Animal Surgery and takes a special interest in Emergency Medicine, so is well placed to give advice on Canine First Aid. She feels that educating animal owners and professionals in first aid can only result in better treatment of our canine friends and, in extreme cases, to saving lives

Mechelle Jacques

Mechelle is a science teacher with over 20 years of classroom and management experience. She runs her own successful dog training school and has many canine achievements to her name. She is a qualified Kennel Club Judge and Good Citizen Assessor at all levels. She works with a range of local vets to help solve the behaviour issues of dogs and cats. Mechelle recently graduated from the Royal (Dick) Veterinary School at Edinburgh, with a PGCert in Clinical Animal Behaviour.