"This is a great course for pet shop teams, groomers, Veterinary receptionists or anyone working with animals.

It is really practical with lots of great common sense advice and reassurance and would be very useful for pet owners too.

Anyone who has done this course should feel much more confident in dealing with minor mishaps and in knowing when situations are more serious and when and how urgently to contact the Vet."

Pam Mosedale BVetMed MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon 

Lantra Technical Award in Canine First Aid

Why do we need first aid training

Just like people, animals have accidents and like people, the better the first aid administered the more likely an individual is to survive the accident. However, would you know how to care for your cat or dog in a first aid situation? For most people, the answer would be no!  

For pet owners and the professionals who take the day to day care of their animals, it is essential that first aid skills are learned, understood and practiced so that in the event of an emergency someone can administer life-saving first aid to a beloved pet. 

To ensure the public and pet professionals, have the very best training available, Jacqui Molyneux, a fellow of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, has spent 24 months devising a training course to allow everyone access to the very best, most up to date, information. Advice and training that will prepare anyone to administer emergency first aid to a dog, in a huge range of situations. The information given is clear and concise and above all honest so that anyone knows what to do, or what they cannot do (to dispel old wives tales) to give the best possible outcome for a pet in need. 

 The Lantra Technical Award in Canine First Aid

The Lantra Technical Award in Canine First Aid is divided into 10 online modules and a practical training and assessment day.  

The ten module training course covers a wide range of first aid situations. ​

The course gives you the knowledge to read vital signs and know when they are normal or not. 

There are sections on all the major trauma situations and give examples of what to do and not to do in these situations. There are videos to watch and procedures to follow as well as online tests to ensure your knowledge is comprehensive. 

Once the online modules are completed and assessments passed, then you will be emailed your invitation to attend the practical day and final assessment, after which you will receive your certification. 

You can purchase the 10 online modules for £50.

The training and assessment day is £70, once the modules are completed.   Training days are available at a range of locations around the UK.


This comprehensive learning scheme gives you peace of mind knowing you can cover a wide range of situations. 



The First Aid App

Our extensive App gives you quick and easy access to a wide range of first aid situations and how to deal with them. 


The App is for both Android and Apple phones. To download the App you can either purchase it from our online store or from google play or the App Store. The App costs £4.99 to download version 1 with a free upgrade to the version 2 release.


Use the direct links opposite to purchase the App. 

The First Aid Shop

Our First Aid shop has a wide range of products to support the first aid of animals. All at competitive prices and delivered straight to your door.